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#109 How To Succeed At Self-Publishing, with Joanne Dannon

#109 How To Succeed At Self Publishing

Learn how to self-publish before you choose to self-publish, is the sage advice of self-publishing expert, Joanne Dannon. It’s easy to upload your book, but it’s a lot harder to sell your book, develop your brand and make a living from your writing. Step 1 is to write a good book, followed by professional editing…

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#108 The Secret Life of Authors Revealed, with Rachael Johns, Lisa Ireland & Sally Hepworth

#108 The Secret Life of Authors Revealed

How much fun can three Aussie Romance Authors have? Rachael Johns, Lisa Ireland and Sally Hepworth share their secrets of living their lives as professional writers, including making the time to write, pushing through the resistance, finding your tribe and more, much more. The trio chat about word-counts, trusting in the process and accountability. Committing…

#107 A Passion For Writing; Making a Living Doing What You Love, With The Cooking Ladies

Making a Living Doing What You Love

From working seven days a week as restauranteurs to a self-funded life on the road in an eleven metre motorhome, Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, have lived the life most of us dream about. More commonly known as The Cooking Ladies, the duo have cruised the United States and Canada, and gathered more than a…

10 Books to Help You Get Your Novel Written

Getting Your Story WrittenGoals Vs. Habits

We all need inspiration to get into the writing habit. The following books are off my shelves and I found myself dragging them out whilst researching for my 30 Days to Better Writing Habits course. You can watch the videos here.  And here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming book, based on what I learned…

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