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Posts by Melinda Hammond

Getting Started on Your Writing Journey, With Judy Lawn

#93 (2)

‘Where do I start?’ is the question Judy Lawn, author and Creative Writing Teacher, is most often asked in her writing classes. That, and where to find ideas. Her advice is always the same. Study good stories in depth and find out why they work. Look at the dialogue, setting and characters, the backstory and…

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#93 Creating a Work/Life Balance, with Annie Seaton

#93 Annie Seaton

Have you ever thought about sitting down and planning exactly what you want your writing life to look like? Annie Seaton – author of Kakadu, Daintree and Diamond Sky, along with countless other novels over the last five years – takes a breath and shares with us, not only her writing journey to date, but…

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#92 The Six-Figure Travel Writer, with Gabi Logan

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Ever wanted to try your hand at travel writing? The first thing you need to do is identify what’s motivating you; being published, freedom to travel or free trips? Once you know your motivation the rest falls into place, especially if you listen to the advice of Travel Writing Coach and journalist, Gabi Logan, or…

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How to Write a Book & Get it Published, with Paul Brodie

Paul's Book

Do you crave the freedom to do what you’re passionate about? If that means getting your book out there and being an authority in your field then you’re in the right place. Ask yourself what are you willing to invest and what it’s costing you not to have your book out there, and you start…

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Creating a Writing Life, with Tamsin Janu

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Interested in literary festivals, school visits and speaking gigs as part of your writing schedule? Award-winning Australian author, Tasmin Janu includes the Adelaide Writers Festival and the Premier’s Awards on her resume, Scholastic publishes her books and she makes her living from her writing life, with the occasional day job thrown in. And she’s young.…

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