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Brand Storytelling for Your Business – Top 20 Tips

Brand storytelling for businesses

  To be successful you need to be really, really good and you need to be prepared that the competition is going to be very good and fierce Make yourself available Millennials are a vast purchasing powerhouse and you can’t communicate with them in the traditional ways, so a lot of companies are trying new…

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This Writing Life: Setbacks, Swings and Roundabouts


And so the first quarter of my year of living creatively is over. The verdict? It’s tough, demanding and exhausting, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are my takeaways for anyone starting out on – or thinking about – the creative living journey: whether you plan your finances or not, you’ll still…

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FB Masterclass

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Facebook advertising is a hot topic nowadays and the mere mention of it can make some of the less intrepid of us break out in a sweat. Well, things are about to change. I’ve paid for and enrolled in Take 10 Social Media’s FB Masterclass, my version of FB ads for newbies, and I’m keen…

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