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Follow Your Dreams & Build a Career From Your Passion, with JB Glossinger


Sometimes life gets a little crazy and it’s time to realign. The Sacred Six: The Simple Step-By-Step Process For Focusing Your Attention And Recovering Your Dreams is my go-to book when I’m in overwhelm. JB’s book (and six-module course) is about helping you get clear about understanding what’s really important in your life so that…

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Online Marketing: How to Make the Most Out of the Content You Create, a Free Tutorial with Hani Mourra

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Softwarepreneur, Hani Mourra, works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through social media and today he shares more than a few secrets with us as he takes us through the ¬†basics of repurposing the content we create to grow our businesses. He reminds us of the three main tools we have at our disposal; written…

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Fan Fiction: Why Every Writer Should Read It – and Write it – At Least Once, With Tari Jeffers


Fan Fiction is more popular than you think. Think Harry Potter fanfic, or Jane Austen if that’s your preference, and you’ll find legions of writers creating stories based on their fave characters. There’s something out there for us all to read – or write – but make sure you know the lingo. Fanfiction terminology is…

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The Time to Write: Lessons From Writing a Novel, with Lia Weston


If you think you don’t have the time to write, think again. Five minutes listening to Lia Weston talk about her writing life will have you racing to your keyboard, or notepad, or jotting down notes with one hand while you answer the phone with the other. Lesson one: there is always time write if…

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Writing Non-Fiction: Author Bootcamp with Kylie Ansett

Kylie Ansett Podcast

The process of writing and publishing your book can be overwhelming. Kylie Ansett, best-selling author, has not only been on the journey from rookie to published author she now teaches others how to do the same. With her writing training programs, webinars and bootcamps Kylie shares the who, what and why of becoming a successful…

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