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#127 How To Self-Publish Your Book, with Alexandra Amor

The world needs your book, says Self-Publishing coach, Alexandra Amor. In the ever-changing world of publishing it’s easy to become overwhelmed and that’s where Amor steps in as she guides your through the publishing maze. Amor has been an independent author for over ten years. She’s written eleven novels and hosts a mystery podcast (you…

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The Voices In Your Head; Daily Intentions & A Healthy Writing Mindset, With Brian Burkard

Are you ready for a few top mindset strategies to help you deal with fear, ego and money? Brian Burkard, of the Marketing Mindset Podcast, mixes it with the experts and today he shares his mindset toolkit with us. Developing a growth mindset isn’t easy but there are a few tricks, like starting your day…

Business of Writing Mini-Series Day 2: Positivity and Opportunity with Life Coach, Lisa Cherry Beaumont

Yesterday it was health and fitness and today it’s my whole life. Lisa Cherry Beaumont is a Life Coach and today we chat about lifestyle, fulfilment and life purpose alchemy. Lisa outlines a four step process for change, mentions gratitude practise, meditation, goal setting and brain training (among other things), and offers us action steps…