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#124 Strategically Planning a Writing Career, with Annie Seaton

We talk a lot here at Writer on the Road about what it takes to be a successful author. Today, we’re celebrating the success of one of our favourite authors, Annie Seaton. Our conversation is short and it’s powerful as Seaton shares with us her journey over the last seven years. Here’s what it takes,…

#93 Creating a Work/Life Balance, with Annie Seaton

Have you ever thought about sitting down and planning exactly what you want your writing life to look like? Annie Seaton – author of Kakadu, Daintree and Diamond Sky, along with countless other novels over the last five years – takes a breath and shares with us, not only her writing journey to date, but…

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The Writing Life: Book Launches, Landscapes and the Aussie Bushman – chatting about the launch of Daintree with Annie Seaton

Annie has me hooked at mango cocktails and tanned waiters, and I now can’t wait – along with thousands of other avid fans – for the imminent arrival of Annie’s new book, Daintree. Today we share the countdown with Annie, and as we go to air, it’s only thirteen sleeps to go. Forget evergreen content,…