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Book launch: From overwhelm to step-by-step launch plan with Mimi Emmanuel


We’ve all been there, right? Written the book then wondered what the hell we’re going to do with the thing…Mimi is here to save us from total overwhelm with her new book, The Holy Grail of Book Launching in Three Volumes: This is What I do, Essentials For Launch and Extra Awesome Sauce. Now, I don’t…

Business success is a game of inches, not a one off event, with Nigel Collin


You can spend years learning to be a great writer but it’s only when you start writing that you actually learn. It’s a matter of starting because when you start you gain momentum and you learn as you go. Then there’s the passion, knowing and burn that drives you on when things get tough. Learning…

How to start a business and write a book about it

2013-05-29 07.13.31

Have you ever wondered how your stories can act as inspiration to others? This week’s guest, Mandy Rowe, not only guided Broads Abroad Travel Network from idea to successful travel network for solo women travellers, she wrote down the details so that others could learn from both her mistakes and triumphs. Her memoir is titled…

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Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurship and Indie Publishing

me and mr wrong

Joanne Dannon is an Indie author who is as generous with her advice to others as she is with her enthusiasm for everything to do with the business of writing. It is Joanne’s enthusiasm that attracted me to her while I was completing Mark Stephenson’s online marketing course for writers, Your First 10k Readers. If…

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The Great Escape – from Travel Writer to Digital Content Marketer

Brian crisp

What would make a man give up the best job in the world? A better job, of course. Meet Brian Crisp, former National Editor of Escape Travel Magazine for News Corp here in Australia. I set out in my chat with Brian to find out why a man with the most romantic job in the…