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#81 Do You Need a Writing Coach to Help You Write, Publish & Market Your Book?

The Writing Coach

Have you ever tried the do-it-yourself approach to a task where it ends up costing you more time and expense than you expected, not to mention the frustration at finding out halfway through that your project is not as easy as it looks?  Welcome to the world of Indie writing and publishing. You start out…

Writing Non-Fiction: Author Bootcamp with Kylie Ansett

Kylie Ansett Podcast

The process of writing and publishing your book can be overwhelming. Kylie Ansett, best-selling author, has not only been on the journey from rookie to published author she now teaches others how to do the same. With her writing training programs, webinars and bootcamps Kylie shares the who, what and why of becoming a successful…

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Self-Publishing: Why Now is the Best Time to Write and Self-Publish Your Book

Self Publishing Banner

There’s no doubt that self-publishing is a growing business model for authors. You only need to read Hugh Howey’s quarterly Author Earnings Report, or read about the success stories of authors like Joanna Penn or Mark Dawson, but can the rest of us build a profitable self-publishing business for ourselves? Today’s guest, Joanne Dannon, is…

Book launch: From overwhelm to step-by-step launch plan with Mimi Emmanuel


We’ve all been there, right? Written the book then wondered what the hell we’re going to do with the thing…Mimi is here to save us from total overwhelm with her new book, The Holy Grail of Book Launching in Three Volumes: This is What I do, Essentials For Launch and Extra Awesome Sauce. Now, I don’t…

Lessons Learned Starting an Authority Site with Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson


Dave Chesson is commonly known as the Kindlepreneur and he is the owner of authority site, Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors. He averages approximately $7829 in book sales, has started eighteen websites and has five books published (if you notice a slight obsession with stats here you would be on track to Dave’s secret to…