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How to Write a Book & Get it Published, with Paul Brodie

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Do you crave the freedom to do what you’re passionate about? If that means getting your book out there and being an authority in your field then you’re in the right place. Ask yourself what are you willing to invest and what it’s costing you not to have your book out there, and you start…

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Self-Publishing: Why Now is the Best Time to Write and Self-Publish Your Book

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There’s no doubt that self-publishing is a growing business model for authors. You only need to read Hugh Howey’s quarterly Author Earnings Report, or read about the success stories of authors like Joanna Penn or Mark Dawson, but can the rest of us build a profitable self-publishing business for ourselves? Today’s guest, Joanne Dannon, is…

#23 The Business of Writing – Day 5 – Draft2Digital with Marketing Manager, Kevin Tumlinson

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You’ve typed THE END on your story and now it’s time for the hard part – publishing it. But, if you’ve been listening to our series this week, you know there are all kinds of experts to help you. I’m chatting with Kevin Tumlinson today to get the low down on Draft2Digital, and as Kevin…

Assisted Publishing – knowing when to call in the experts to help us on our self-publishing journey


We all want our books to not only look professional but to be professionally edited, produced, and marketed, don’t we? Join me as I chat with Amanda Greenslade of Australian eBook Publishing as we discuss assisted publishing – how much should we, as indies, attempt ourselves and how much should we hand over to the…