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Writing, Research and Once Upon a Time: The Best time to be a Writer with Kate Forsyth

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Once upon a time lasts forever; deep, dark and complex, crafting timeless stories of magic and fantasy, bringing centuries old stories to new readers…where do I stop? Five pages of research notes and I’m just getting to the beginning of Kate Forsyth’s talents as a bestselling and prolific novelist and poet, writing across genres, for all…

Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 5 – Novella writing and what it really means to write short with Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen

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You don’t have to be crazy but it helps. Welcome to Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen as they battle it out with me over who’s podcast this actually is…and what it means to write short in the Indie publishing space. There are no guarantees that what we share on today’s podcast will be any use…

#24 The power of word-of-mouth: how to launch your book in the digital age with Valerie Francis

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There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to launching your book and often it’s difficult to decide exactly how to go about seeing your baby off into the big wide reading world. Val Francis has worked out her own way to launch her romantic suspense series, using her background in media and…