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#82 How to Make a Living With Your Writing – with Motivational Coach, Cassandra Gaisford


Adopt a millionaire mindset—dream big, be audacious, take inspired action, and fear less, says best selling author and motivational coach, Cassandra Gaisford. We need to live more and experience life to the full. The power to create a life of prosperous significance lies within us and Cassandra tells us how with her Prosperous Author Series, which…

Social Media for Business: Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters, With Adam Houlahan


Have you given any thought to your LinkedIn profile lately? Adam Houlahan, author of The LinkedIn Playbook: Contact to Customers. Engage. Connect. Convert., provides a rundown on how to bypass the gatekeepers and reaching out to your ideal clients. He is also an international social media speaker with over 500,000 social media followers across multiple platforms.…

#61 Harnessing Your Inner Storyteller with Sean d’Souza

Podcast Banner Sean

Passions and priorities are the secrets to the success of my guest today. You need time and space to create and Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics has created a lot of both in his life. He has made the decision to keep his business to the size it is and, instead, chooses to work nine months…

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#54 The Writing Life: Just Doing It, with Authorpreneur and Educator, Paul Brodie

paul brodie

Our greatest opponent to our success is ourselves is akin to advice my mother once gave me; feel the fear and do it anyway, what people think be damned. Yeah, she made up the last bit – and I’m guessing she didn’t really mean for me to run away on a yacht for ten years…

#27 The Power of Story to Strengthen Your Business Brand, with Park Howell

Park pic

Story is the software that drives the hardware of our brains, says today’s guest, Park Howell, as he takes us through the ten steps of the story cycle process based on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. We learn to super focus on ourselves and the stories we tell ourselves, and from the outset of this interview I…