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#81 Do You Need a Writing Coach to Help You Write, Publish & Market Your Book?

The Writing Coach

Have you ever tried the do-it-yourself approach to a task where it ends up costing you more time and expense than you expected, not to mention the frustration at finding out halfway through that your project is not as easy as it looks? ¬†Welcome to the world of Indie writing and publishing. You start out…

Follow Your Dreams & Build a Career From Your Passion, with JB Glossinger


Sometimes life gets a little crazy and it’s time to realign. The Sacred Six: The Simple Step-By-Step Process For Focusing Your Attention And Recovering Your Dreams is my go-to book when I’m in overwhelm. JB’s book (and six-module course) is about helping you get clear about understanding what’s really important in your life so that…

#61 Harnessing Your Inner Storyteller with Sean d’Souza

Podcast Banner Sean

Passions and priorities are the secrets to the success of my guest today. You need time and space to create and Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics has created a lot of both in his life. He has made the decision to keep his business to the size it is and, instead, chooses to work nine months…

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