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#80 A Passion for Indie Authors, With Kevin Tumlinson

Episode 80

Kevin Tumlinson’s been around the publishing game for awhile and he’s learned more than a thing or two about Indie publishing on his way. With the third book in his Dan Kotler Thriller series, The Devil’s Interval, released around about now, Kevin practises what he preaches. Did I mention he’s also Director of Marketing for…

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The Science of Storytelling – A Strategic Business Tool – with Gideon For-mukwai

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Thinking of storytelling as a strategic business tool is what Gideon For-mukwai does best and he wrote a book about it because there were plenty of books about the art of storytelling but nothing about combining that art with the science of storytelling. Gideon is a raconteur as well as an author, educator and speaker.…

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#61 Harnessing Your Inner Storyteller with Sean d’Souza

Podcast Banner Sean

Passions and priorities are the secrets to the success of my guest today. You need time and space to create and Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics has created a lot of both in his life. He has made the decision to keep his business to the size it is and, instead, chooses to work nine months…

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How Utilising Social Media Can Help Grow Your Writing Business with Kate VanderVoort

episode 60b

When was the last time you conducted a social media audit, reviewing your strategies and reader reach? Kate VanderVoort, founder of Social Mediology, shares more than a few tips on how to build your brand, your online community and increase sales. As we chat about strategies for Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms to engage…

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The Writing Life: Writing Stories on the Road with Victoria Black

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Writing stories while travelling Oz has gotta be at the top of my ‘to do’ list. Victoria Black was the first guest on my podcast fifty three episodes ago and back then she was setting out on a caravanning holiday with her husband. You can listen to the episode here. Now she’s back to launch…

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