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#100 Creativity & Entrepreneurship: Skills For The 21st Century

#100 Jarie Bolander

Creating something from nothing is the entrepreneur’s most important skill. Discipline and art is what makes it happen. Jarie Bolander, Editor in Chief of the Daily MBA and author of The Entrepreneur Ethos: How to Build a More Ethical, Inclusive and Resilient Entrepreneur Community,unpacks the internal workings of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. He…

#55 The Business of a Writing: Let Your Story Empower You, with Cierra Seay


Defining your own success, choosing where you want to be and taking responsibility for your life are all things that Cierra Seay, entrepreneur and host of The College Dropout Podcast, knows something about. Throw in the surety of who you’re truly meant to be, riding your own wave and strong opinions on the difference between…

Business of Writing Mini-Series Day 3: Reading the Numbers, with Nadine Travers


It’s time to put on our CEO hats and get serious about the business of writing. Nadine Travers chats with us today about how important it is to read the numbers of our businesses; knowing our costs, managing our time, collecting our invoices in one place, having a separate bank account for our business and…

Business success is a game of inches, not a one off event, with Nigel Collin


You can spend years learning to be a great writer but it’s only when you start writing that you actually learn. It’s a matter of starting because when you start you gain momentum and you learn as you go. Then there’s the passion, knowing and burn that drives you on when things get tough. Learning…