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How to Make a Living With Your Writing – Part 2, with Cassandra Gaisford

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Last week it was about developing a millionaire mindset, this week it’s about daily habits, attitudes and behaviours. Ours! What do we do every day to move ourselves, step-by-step, towards prosperity? Part 2 of my chat with Cassandra Gaisford completes the Prosperous Author jigsaw puzzle. ‘A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to…

#82 How to Make a Living With Your Writing – with Motivational Coach, Cassandra Gaisford


Adopt a millionaire mindset—dream big, be audacious, take inspired action, and fear less, says best selling author and motivational coach, Cassandra Gaisford. We need to live more and experience life to the full. The power to create a life of prosperous significance lies within us and Cassandra tells us how with her Prosperous Author Series, which…

#20 The Business of Writing – Day 2 – Cultivating a Successful Mindset with Cassandra Gaisford

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Cassandra Gaisford is an entrepreneur, creativity coach, public speaker and author of the Number 1 Bestselling series, Mid-Life Career Rescue. Her most recent release, The Art of Success, merges business and art through the lens of Leonardo Di Vinci and focuses on how to cultivate a successful mindset. What does success mean to you is…