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Getting Started on Your Writing Journey, With Judy Lawn

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‘Where do I start?’ is the question Judy Lawn, author and Creative Writing Teacher, is most often asked in her writing classes. That, and where to find ideas. Her advice is always the same. Study good stories in depth and find out why they work. Look at the dialogue, setting and characters, the backstory and…

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Packing an Emotional Punch: How to Write a Romance Novel with Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews

Packing an emotional punch is at the heart of all romance writing. Keeping readers in suspense, creating characters that engage their hearts and making them care even though a happily ever after ending is inevitable are the secrets to writing a good romance novel, says Amy Andrews, Australian Romance Author. It’s not as easy as…

The Writing Life: Writing Stories on the Road with Victoria Black

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Writing stories while travelling Oz has gotta be at the top of my ‘to do’ list. Victoria Black was the first guest on my podcast fifty three episodes ago and back then she was setting out on a caravanning holiday with her husband. You can listen to the episode here. Now she’s back to launch…

Entrepreneur, thought leader, influencer: meet Tina Dietz, business coach and mentor, as she reminds us of the importance of creative freedom, fun and play


There’s something to be said for studying the habits and processes of great writers and artists and how they kept their creative juices flowing over time. There’s a lot of burnout happening in the field of writing right now, especially among Indie authors trying to manage both their writing and their business. Tina is a…

Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 5 – Novella writing and what it really means to write short with Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen

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You don’t have to be crazy but it helps. Welcome to Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen as they battle it out with me over who’s podcast this actually is…and what it means to write short in the Indie publishing space. There are no guarantees that what we share on today’s podcast will be any use…