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Girlpreneur: the Theory & Practice of Entrepreneur Education

#101 Girlpreneur_ the Theory & Practice of Entrepreneur Eduction

The world needs more daydreamers. It’s okay to fail. How do we enable our girls? These are just a few of the ideas up for discussion with Col Jones, entrepreneur educator at Queensland University. Then there’s Sam, Girlpreneur, out there doing her way. I call it when theory meets practice. And it makes for interesting…

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The Authorpreneur Life: Become More Confident at Selling With Sales Enthusiast and Confidence Coach, Barry Watson


It’s time to redefine our view of selling – and our view of rejection. Why be average when we can be awesome? Barry Watson, author of Sell With Confidence: Crush Your Fear of Being Rejected, Avoid Being Pushy, and Have the Courage to Make Money, is an international sales trainer and high performance coach. The…

#21 The Business of Writing – Day 3 – with Small Business Specialist and Founder of Excellence Expected, Mark Asquith

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The business world knows my guest today as a straight talking small business expert who helps early stage entrepreneurs navigate their lives and optimise their results. I know him as the guy in the TALK HARD t-shirt who tells me all my ideas are wonderful, then gently reminds me to focus on one thing at…

How to Be an Entrepreneur with Colin Jones


Episode 3 – How to Be an Entrepreneur Join Colin Jones as he talks us through the thinking process necessary to succeed using the entrepreneurial mindset. Col has a Phd in Entrepreneurship and has been teaching young entrepreneurs and an undergraduate and post graduate level for nearly twenty years. You can hear more of Col’s…

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