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How to Make a Living With Your Writing – Part 2, with Cassandra Gaisford

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Last week it was about developing a millionaire mindset, this week it’s about daily habits, attitudes and behaviours. Ours! What do we do every day to move ourselves, step-by-step, towards prosperity? Part 2 of my chat with Cassandra Gaisford completes the Prosperous Author jigsaw puzzle. ‘A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to…

#59 Goal Setting, Focus and Living Your Passion – with Keith Abraham

Episode 59

Discovering your passion, setting goals, beating procrastination and focusing on achieving your writing dreams is possible if you know how and Keith Abraham not only knows how but has helped hundreds of thousands of people do just that. And now he’s with us to share a few tips, tricks and sure-fired success methods to not…

#55 The Business of a Writing: Let Your Story Empower You, with Cierra Seay


Defining your own success, choosing where you want to be and taking responsibility for your life are all things that Cierra Seay, entrepreneur and host of The College Dropout Podcast, knows something about. Throw in the surety of who you’re truly meant to be, riding your own wave and strong opinions on the difference between…

Book launch: From overwhelm to step-by-step launch plan with Mimi Emmanuel


We’ve all been there, right? Written the book then wondered what the hell we’re going to do with the thing…Mimi is here to save us from total overwhelm with her new book, The Holy Grail of Book Launching in Three Volumes: This is What I do, Essentials For Launch and Extra Awesome Sauce. Now, I don’t…

The Authorpreneur Life: Become More Confident at Selling With Sales Enthusiast and Confidence Coach, Barry Watson


It’s time to redefine our view of selling – and our view of rejection. Why be average when we can be awesome? Barry Watson, author of Sell With Confidence: Crush Your Fear of Being Rejected, Avoid Being Pushy, and Have the Courage to Make Money, is an international sales trainer and high performance coach. The…