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The Voices In Your Head; Daily Intentions & A Healthy Writing Mindset, With Brian Burkard


Are you ready for a few top mindset strategies to help you deal with fear, ego and money? Brian Burkard, of the Marketing Mindset Podcast, mixes it with the experts and today he shares his mindset toolkit with us. Developing a growth mindset isn’t easy but there are a few tricks, like starting your day…

#59 Goal Setting, Focus and Living Your Passion – with Keith Abraham

Episode 59

Discovering your passion, setting goals, beating procrastination and focusing on achieving your writing dreams is possible if you know how and Keith Abraham not only knows how but has helped hundreds of thousands of people do just that. And now he’s with us to share a few tips, tricks and sure-fired success methods to not…

The Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 1 – Writing, creativity and accountability with Jules Horne

Podcast Banner 2

Jules Horne lives in the Scottish Borders and is an Associate Lecturer at Open University. She writes plays for stage and radio, and fiction with a Scottish gothic flavour. She’s inspired by Angela Carter and Mervyn Peake (of Gormenghast fame). Today, we chat about the tension between creativity and risk, the role of Indie publishers as…