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#125 When Australian Romance Authors Take on the World, with Alli Sinclair

Australian romance authors are taking on the world with their novels. Hot on the heels of Natasha Lester’s success with The Paris Seamstress, Alli Sinclair’s latest novel, Burning Fields, will be available worldwide in November. Burning Fields is an historical novel set in my part of the world, Far North Queensland, and is touted as an…

#99 Summer Reading & Writing Series, with Darry Fraser

Happy summer reading, everyone. Meet Darry Fraser, author of historical and contemporary fiction. You can find out more about Darry and her novels, Daughter of the Murray and Where the Murray River Runs, here. I asked my Summer Reading Series guests four questions in an attempt to peek behind the scenes of the life of…

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Research Matters: Tools for Writing Historical Fiction, with Tea Cooper

A conversation with Australian author, Tea Cooper, where we discuss all things research, from the wonders of Trove to the delights of local folk museums spawning treasures that bring added life to our stories. You can find out more about Tea and her novels here. Share this:

The Research and Writing Journey of Daughter of the Murray, with Darry Fraser

Anyone with a keen sense of history, who loves romantic sagas, and has more than a passing interest in strong women of yesteryear will enjoy listening to author, Darry Fraser, as she talks about suffragettes, post-colonialism and the great Aussie motif that is the Murray River. Daughter of the Murray is an adventure romance set…

#20 The Business of Writing – Day 2 – Cultivating a Successful Mindset with Cassandra Gaisford

Cassandra Gaisford is an entrepreneur, creativity coach, public speaker and author of the Number 1 Bestselling series, Mid-Life Career Rescue. Her most recent release, The Art of Success, merges business and art through the lens of Leonardo Di Vinci and focuses on how to cultivate a successful mindset. What does success mean to you is…