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Hard Work, Luck & Timing: How To Write A Bestseller, with Natasha Lester

Hard Work, Luck & Timing_ How to Write a Bestselling Novel

Sagas are back!! The Paris Seamstress is the right novel at the right time for Australian Author, Natasha Lester. How much will a young Parisian seamstress sacrifice to make her mark in the male-dominated world of 1940s New York fashion? Labelled as a novel of ‘hope, heartache and a journey of discovery’ by Books &…

#108 The Secret Life of Authors Revealed, with Rachael Johns, Lisa Ireland & Sally Hepworth

#108 The Secret Life of Authors Revealed

How much fun can three Aussie Romance Authors have? Rachael Johns, Lisa Ireland and Sally Hepworth share their secrets of living their lives as professional writers, including making the time to write, pushing through the resistance, finding your tribe and more, much more. The trio chat about word-counts, trusting in the process and accountability. Committing…

Focus on Writing: Creating a Writing Life with Vanessa Carnevale


With every new year comes good intentions and as writers we’re especially good at creating dream lives for ourselves – then reality kicks in and all our lofty goals go to putty. Vanessa Carnevale, author of The Florentine Bridge, has some timely advice for us as the euphoria of the new year fades and the…