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Rich Pickings: Where to Find Story Ideas, with Fiona McArthur

Write every day, start that book and keep going forward. If you think it sounds like good advice then you’re in for a treat. Fiona McArthur knows what she’s talking about. With nearly forty romance and a couple of non-fiction books to her name, two million sales, translated into twelve languages, it’s not a bad…

Writing Non-Fiction: Author Bootcamp with Kylie Ansett

The process of writing and publishing your book can be overwhelming. Kylie Ansett, best-selling author, has not only been on the journey from rookie to published author she now teaches others how to do the same. With her writing training programs, webinars and bootcamps Kylie shares the who, what and why of becoming a successful…

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Writing: Author Mindset and Faster Fiction with Alexandra Amor

Time, space and writing habits are the focus of many a good how-to-write book, and make for an endlessly fascinating topic for most of us keen to glean yet another secret weapon for our arsenal of writing tips and tricks. Alexandra offers more than her fair share of tricks with us today. Writers need to…