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#109 How To Succeed At Self-Publishing, with Joanne Dannon

Learn how to self-publish before you choose to self-publish, is the sage advice of self-publishing expert, Joanne Dannon. It’s easy to upload your book, but it’s a lot harder to sell your book, develop your brand and make a living from your writing. Step 1 is to write a good book, followed by professional editing…

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Self-Publishing: Why Now is the Best Time to Write and Self-Publish Your Book

There’s no doubt that self-publishing is a growing business model for authors. You only need to read Hugh Howey’s quarterly Author Earnings Report, or read about the success stories of authors like Joanna Penn or Mark Dawson, but can the rest of us build a profitable self-publishing business for ourselves? Today’s guest, Joanne Dannon, is…

Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 5 – Novella writing and what it really means to write short with Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen

You don’t have to be crazy but it helps. Welcome to Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen as they battle it out with me over who’s podcast this actually is…and what it means to write short in the Indie publishing space. There are no guarantees that what we share on today’s podcast will be any use…