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Networking Matters, with Lisa Sweeney

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Making a difference, values driven and entrepreneurial just about sums up what most of us want in our professional lives. Lisa Sweeney took things one step further when she purchased Business in Heels with her friend Jo Plummer. The duo’s business now has over 100,000 member across forty locations, and they’re well on the way…

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Social Media for Business: Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters, With Adam Houlahan


Have you given any thought to your LinkedIn profile lately? Adam Houlahan, author of The LinkedIn Playbook: Contact to Customers. Engage. Connect. Convert., provides a rundown on how to bypass the gatekeepers and reaching out to your ideal clients. He is also an international social media speaker with over 500,000 social media followers across multiple platforms.…

How Utilising Social Media Can Help Grow Your Writing Business with Kate VanderVoort

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When was the last time you conducted a social media audit, reviewing your strategies and reader reach? Kate VanderVoort, founder of Social Mediology, shares more than a few tips on how to build your brand, your online community and increase sales. As we chat about strategies for Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms to engage…

Business of Writing Mini-Series Day 2: Positivity and Opportunity with Life Coach, Lisa Cherry Beaumont


Yesterday it was health and fitness and today it’s my whole life. Lisa Cherry Beaumont is a Life Coach and today we chat about lifestyle, fulfilment and life purpose alchemy. Lisa outlines a four step process for change, mentions gratitude practise, meditation, goal setting and brain training (among other things), and offers us action steps…

#16 When all you have to fear is fear itself – how to grow your business with Angus Nelson


Angus Nelson is a Top 20 INC podcast host, motivational speaker and coach. His focus is bringing transformation to business models, creativity, inspiration and networking. And he turned up in my life just when I was asking the questions. He also walks the talk. He has a new book coming out, titled Empowering Work, encouraging…