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The Creative Writing Process and Writing Shitty First Drafts, with Pamela Cook

Talking about the creative writing process is  aways interesting and today Pamela Cook – teacher, author and creative writing coach – shares her thoughts on the creative process. Pam has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and published Blackwattle Lake in 2012 after participating in the Queensland Writers Centre/Hachette Manuscript Development Program (she wrote the…

#24 The power of word-of-mouth: how to launch your book in the digital age with Valerie Francis

There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to launching your book and often it’s difficult to decide exactly how to go about seeing your baby off into the big wide reading world. Val Francis has worked out her own way to launch her romantic suspense series, using her background in media and…

Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurship and Indie Publishing

Joanne Dannon is an Indie author who is as generous with her advice to others as she is with her enthusiasm for everything to do with the business of writing. It is Joanne’s enthusiasm that attracted me to her while I was completing Mark Stephenson’s online marketing course for writers, Your First 10k Readers. If…

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