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Networking Matters, with Lisa Sweeney

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Making a difference, values driven and entrepreneurial just about sums up what most of us want in our professional lives. Lisa Sweeney took things one step further when she purchased Business in Heels with her friend Jo Plummer. The duo’s business now has over 100,000 member across forty locations, and they’re well on the way…

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#79 Five Publishing Myths Debunked, with Belinda Pollard

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‘You never finish writing a book, you just stop,’ is a truism for most writers. Then comes the hard question, should you self publish or go the traditional route? The trouble is, there are more than a few myths still to be dispelled around the subject of Indie versus traditional publishing, and it’s a coversation…

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Packing an Emotional Punch: How to Write a Romance Novel with Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews

Packing an emotional punch is at the heart of all romance writing. Keeping readers in suspense, creating characters that engage their hearts and making them care even though a happily ever after ending is inevitable are the secrets to writing a good romance novel, says Amy Andrews, Australian Romance Author. It’s not as easy as…

#56 Living a Creative Writing Life: Finding a Work/Life Balance with Posie Graeme-Evans

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Meet novelist, producer, editor and director, Posie Graeme-Evans, an amazing woman who my research tells me is ‘one of the most diverse and dynamic forces in Australian television and Film’. I’m chatting with Posie today because of Pickets Hut, renovated by Posie and husband Andrew and now known as the Writer’s House. As far as…

#55 The Business of a Writing: Let Your Story Empower You, with Cierra Seay


Defining your own success, choosing where you want to be and taking responsibility for your life are all things that Cierra Seay, entrepreneur and host of The College Dropout Podcast, knows something about. Throw in the surety of who you’re truly meant to be, riding your own wave and strong opinions on the difference between…