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The Research and Writing Journey of Daughter of the Murray, with Darry Fraser


Anyone with a keen sense of history, who loves romantic sagas, and has more than a passing interest in strong women of yesteryear will enjoy listening to author, Darry Fraser, as she talks about suffragettes, post-colonialism and the great Aussie motif that is the Murray River. Daughter of the Murray is an adventure romance set…

A Numbers Game – How to Succeed at this Writing Gig with Amy Andrews, Romance Author

Amy Andrews

That title is a tad facetious, I know, but when I’m chatting with a woman with over  fifty books published and a million or so sold what else can I say? The numbers speak for themselves. And a little aside, I knew this woman under another name – in another life – when we were…

The secret to writing success is hard work! Insights into the business side of writing with Annie Seaton, Romance Author


Make no mistake, I adore Annie Seaton. This is one author I’m proud and excited to have met and can now call my friend. Let me go one step further…when I grow up I wanna be just like Annie, and if I had ever actually laid claim to the term ‘grown up’ I would be…