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#82 How to Make a Living With Your Writing – with Motivational Coach, Cassandra Gaisford

Adopt a millionaire mindset—dream big, be audacious, take inspired action, and fear less, says best selling author and motivational coach, Cassandra Gaisford. We need to live more and experience life to the full. The power to create a life of prosperous significance lies within us and Cassandra tells us how with her Prosperous Author Series, which…

Doing It Scared: the habit of writing and taking back control of our lives, with Scott Allan

Negativity is such a killer of our dreams.  Scott Allan empowers us to take back control of our lives and create habits that help us succeed. Of course, there’s a catch – there’s always a catch – and it’s that we’ve got to do the work. Scott’s latest book, Do It Scared, comes fast on…