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#103 How to Write a Million Words a Year the Romantic Way, with Tracey Pedersen

#103 Tracey

Grow you email list, network and promote your books, is the advice that prolific romance author, Tracey Pedersen, shares with us today and she makes it sound so easy. But listen a little closer and you’ll learn the real secret. Bum on chair and write. Tracey is dedicated to her craft and she’s learnt everything…

The Art & Craft of Writing Romance, With Barbara Hannay


With guest host, Sarah Williams: Barbara Hannay has been writing rural romance for twenty years and has seen many changes along the way. We talk about her early days writing for Mills and Boon before being head hunted by Penguin. Over recent years her books have had multiple stories and time lines and it is…

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The Time to Write: Lessons From Writing a Novel, with Lia Weston


If you think you don’t have the time to write, think again. Five minutes listening to Lia Weston talk about her writing life will have you racing to your keyboard, or notepad, or jotting down notes with one hand while you answer the phone with the other. Lesson one: there is always time write if…

Indie Author by Design, with Sarah Williams

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Listening to Sarah Williams talk is like listening to a How to Be an Author The Right Way talk. History buff, world traveller and published author, Sarah heeds her own advice when she tells her students to live a life worth writing about. Running courses on how to write synopsises and blurbs, co-ordinating the Townsville…

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