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#109 How To Succeed At Self-Publishing, with Joanne Dannon

#109 How To Succeed At Self Publishing

Learn how to self-publish before you choose to self-publish, is the sage advice of self-publishing expert, Joanne Dannon. It’s easy to upload your book, but it’s a lot harder to sell your book, develop your brand and make a living from your writing. Step 1 is to write a good book, followed by professional editing…

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#93 Creating a Work/Life Balance, with Annie Seaton

#93 Annie Seaton

Have you ever thought about sitting down and planning exactly what you want your writing life to look like? Annie Seaton – author of Kakadu, Daintree and Diamond Sky, along with countless other novels over the last five years – takes a breath and shares with us, not only her writing journey to date, but…

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The Creative Benefits of Writing Short with Jessica Aspen

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Taking control of every aspect of your writing career, from writing to marketing to standing proud behind the results of your efforts, is something that Jessica Aspen is passionate about. Jessica has a list of books, FB group, newsletter, mailing list and is currently in the running for a Kindle Scout publishing deal. We chat…

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Business of Writing Mini-Series Day 3: Reading the Numbers, with Nadine Travers


It’s time to put on our CEO hats and get serious about the business of writing. Nadine Travers chats with us today about how important it is to read the numbers of our businesses; knowing our costs, managing our time, collecting our invoices in one place, having a separate bank account for our business and…

Business of Writing Mini-Series Day 2: Positivity and Opportunity with Life Coach, Lisa Cherry Beaumont


Yesterday it was health and fitness and today it’s my whole life. Lisa Cherry Beaumont is a Life Coach and today we chat about lifestyle, fulfilment and life purpose alchemy. Lisa outlines a four step process for change, mentions gratitude practise, meditation, goal setting and brain training (among other things), and offers us action steps…