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#109 How To Succeed At Self-Publishing, with Joanne Dannon

#109 How To Succeed At Self Publishing

Learn how to self-publish before you choose to self-publish, is the sage advice of self-publishing expert, Joanne Dannon. It’s easy to upload your book, but it’s a lot harder to sell your book, develop your brand and make a living from your writing. Step 1 is to write a good book, followed by professional editing…

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#59 Goal Setting, Focus and Living Your Passion – with Keith Abraham

Episode 59

Discovering your passion, setting goals, beating procrastination and focusing on achieving your writing dreams is possible if you know how and Keith Abraham not only knows how but has helped hundreds of thousands of people do just that. And now he’s with us to share a few tips, tricks and sure-fired success methods to not…

#56 Living a Creative Writing Life: Finding a Work/Life Balance with Posie Graeme-Evans

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Meet novelist, producer, editor and director, Posie Graeme-Evans, an amazing woman who my research tells me is ‘one of the most diverse and dynamic forces in Australian television and Film’. I’m chatting with Posie today because of Pickets Hut, renovated by Posie and husband Andrew and now known as the Writer’s House. As far as…

#22 The Business of Writing – Day 4 – with International Thriller & Suspense Author, Rachel Amphlett

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Welcome to the world of International Thrill & Suspense author, Rachel Amphlett, as we chat about all things Indie publishing, from mailing lists to Facebook advertisements and being your own motivator, inspirer and hard-nosed boss. Not only does Rachel work a 9 – 5 job, she writes full time and runs her her own publishing…

A Numbers Game – How to Succeed at this Writing Gig with Amy Andrews, Romance Author

Amy Andrews

That title is a tad facetious, I know, but when I’m chatting with a woman with over  fifty books published and a million or so sold what else can I say? The numbers speak for themselves. And a little aside, I knew this woman under another name – in another life – when we were…