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Networking Matters, with Lisa Sweeney

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Making a difference, values driven and entrepreneurial just about sums up what most of us want in our professional lives. Lisa Sweeney took things one step further when she purchased Business in Heels with her friend Jo Plummer. The duo’s business now has over 100,000 member across forty locations, and they’re well on the way…

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Entrepreneur, thought leader, influencer: meet Tina Dietz, business coach and mentor, as she reminds us of the importance of creative freedom, fun and play


There’s something to be said for studying the habits and processes of great writers and artists and how they kept their creative juices flowing over time. There’s a lot of burnout happening in the field of writing right now, especially among Indie authors trying to manage both their writing and their business. Tina is a…

The Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 4 – On being a professional Indie author, with Maggie Christensen

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What does it take to live the life of a professional Indie author? Maggie Christensen is about to publish her sixth novel, Champagne for Breakfast, and her answer is simple: learning. ‘It’s just learning as I go,’ Maggie assures me. ‘I’m learning all the time.’ And that’s the secret. There’s so much to do and…

The Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 2 – Writing, publishing and niche markets with Indie author, Julie Schooler

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Have you ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of Indie publishing and all the small details of what makes up the life of an Indie author? Julie Schooler has done it, twice, and what’s more, she’s a bestselling author in her parenting advice niche. Julie is the author of the perenially popular parenting self-help books, Easy Peasy…

The Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 1 – Writing, creativity and accountability with Jules Horne

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Jules Horne lives in the Scottish Borders and is an Associate Lecturer at Open University. She writes plays for stage and radio, and fiction with a Scottish gothic flavour. She’s inspired by Angela Carter and Mervyn Peake (of Gormenghast fame). Today, we chat about the tension between creativity and risk, the role of Indie publishers as…