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#81 Do You Need a Writing Coach to Help You Write, Publish & Market Your Book?

The Writing Coach

Have you ever tried the do-it-yourself approach to a task where it ends up costing you more time and expense than you expected, not to mention the frustration at finding out halfway through that your project is not as easy as it looks? ¬†Welcome to the world of Indie writing and publishing. You start out…

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Telling Stories; using Dragon Dictation to improve your workflow, with Scott Baker

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Have you ever tried speech recognition software to dictate your book and supercharge your writing workflow? Scott Baker, author of How to Train Your Dragon, and soon to be provider of online courses of the same name, shares more than a few tricks and tips with us on how to get the most out of…

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Fan Fiction: Why Every Writer Should Read It – and Write it – At Least Once, With Tari Jeffers


Fan Fiction is more popular than you think. Think Harry Potter fanfic, or Jane Austen if that’s your preference, and you’ll find legions of writers creating stories based on their fave characters. There’s something out there for us all to read – or write – but make sure you know the lingo. Fanfiction terminology is…

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Time to Write: a Day in the Life of an Australian Author, with Fiona Palmer

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If you think a rural lifestyle, an inspiring landscape and salt-of-the-earth people are the things of romance novels then you’ll learn a lot from today’s guest, Fiona Palmer. Fiona not only lives the romantic dream but she turns it on its head in fine style. Let’s try again. Picture stock car races, fishing at places…

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Packing an Emotional Punch: How to Write a Romance Novel with Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews

Packing an emotional punch is at the heart of all romance writing. Keeping readers in suspense, creating characters that engage their hearts and making them care even though a happily ever after ending is inevitable are the secrets to writing a good romance novel, says Amy Andrews, Australian Romance Author. It’s not as easy as…

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