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Hard Work, Luck & Timing: How To Write A Bestseller, with Natasha Lester

Hard Work, Luck & Timing_ How to Write a Bestselling Novel

Sagas are back!! The Paris Seamstress is the right novel at the right time for Australian Author, Natasha Lester. How much will a young Parisian seamstress sacrifice to make her mark in the male-dominated world of 1940s New York fashion? Labelled as a novel of ‘hope, heartache and a journey of discovery’ by Books &…

#105 Writing Through The Messy Middle with Creative Mermaid, Sherrie McCarthy

Writing Through The Messy Middle

We all have good days and bad days with our writing, but spare a thought for today’s guest where a good day is a very good day indeed and a bad day could sink her boat. Sherrie McCarthy, founder of Creative Mermaids, encourages us all to live our most creative and vibrant lives – and…

#103 How to Write a Million Words a Year the Romantic Way, with Tracey Pedersen

#103 Tracey

Grow you email list, network and promote your books, is the advice that prolific romance author, Tracey Pedersen, shares with us today and she makes it sound so easy. But listen a little closer and you’ll learn the real secret. Bum on chair and write. Tracey is dedicated to her craft and she’s learnt everything…

#102 The Thing About Freelance Writing, with Lindy Alexander

#102 Freelancing

If you’ve ever thought of supplementing your income with a bit of travel writing, dabbling with magazine writing or becoming a serious full time freelancer, then sit back and listen as Lindy Alexanders shares what she’s learnt along the way to earning $100k a year as a freelance writer. Here are some of the things…

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#99 Summer Reading & Writing Series, with Darry Fraser


Happy summer reading, everyone. Meet Darry Fraser, author of historical and contemporary fiction. You can find out more about Darry and her novels, Daughter of the Murray and Where the Murray River Runs, here. I asked my Summer Reading Series guests four questions in an attempt to peek behind the scenes of the life of…

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