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#82 How to Make a Living With Your Writing – with Motivational Coach, Cassandra Gaisford


Adopt a millionaire mindset—dream big, be audacious, take inspired action, and fear less, says best selling author and motivational coach, Cassandra Gaisford. We need to live more and experience life to the full. The power to create a life of prosperous significance lies within us and Cassandra tells us how with her Prosperous Author Series, which…

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#81 Do You Need a Writing Coach to Help You Write, Publish & Market Your Book?

The Writing Coach

Have you ever tried the do-it-yourself approach to a task where it ends up costing you more time and expense than you expected, not to mention the frustration at finding out halfway through that your project is not as easy as it looks?  Welcome to the world of Indie writing and publishing. You start out…

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Fan Fiction: Why Every Writer Should Read It – and Write it – At Least Once, With Tari Jeffers


Fan Fiction is more popular than you think. Think Harry Potter fanfic, or Jane Austen if that’s your preference, and you’ll find legions of writers creating stories based on their fave characters. There’s something out there for us all to read – or write – but make sure you know the lingo. Fanfiction terminology is…

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Deep Writing: From Million Download Indie to Hybrid Author, with Clare Connelly

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For an author who published her first book in 2014 Clare Connelly sure is prolific. The secret to Clare’s success is deep work – plus confidence, speed and starting in the right spot. Clare doesn’t always write 14,000 words in a day but she has and she can (take heart, she started at 800 words…

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