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#123 On Being a Real Writer, with Christian White

It’s a question that bugs us all – when do we get to call ourselves a real writer? Christian White, Aussie author of thriller The Nowhere Child shares with us what it feels like to become an overnight success in the literary world.

The Nowhere Child is White’s fifth novel but the first to see light of day. He shares with us his journey from winner of the 2017 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript to signing on with Australian publisher, Affirm Press, to having his novel picked up by publishers around the world. He says his characters will be better travelled than him as they jet off to farflung countries with him hot on their heels.

We all want to be Christian White, and he makes it seem possible for us all to have what he’s got. His overnight success took fifteen years and a firm belief in himself as a writer. Well, maybe not so firm a belief at times, but he stuck to it, and look at him now.

During our conversation, Christian shares with us the following:

  • the importance of believing in yourself as a writer
  • the best day jobs (think driving golf carts and selling t-shirts)
  • the benefits of entering competitions
  • surrounding yourself with people who believe in you
  • there is such a thing as an overnight success
  • being a writer is fun
  • what it’s like to write book number two
  • the pure joy of watching yourself be a successful writer for a day

You can find out more about Christian, his journey, and his novel here.


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