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#25 Something a bit more real than Happily Ever After: Writing in a Gilded Cage with Rachael Johns

Secrets sell, and none know this better than Rachael Johns, Australia’s number 1 Rural Romance author, and more recently Life Lit author (a term coined by Johns’ publicist to explain Johns’ latest book, The Art of Keeping Secrets. Reviewer, Debbish dotcom – I love that name and you can find out more about Debbish and her love of everything Jane Austen here – describes Johns’ novel as contemporary and uplifting even though it is not traditionally happily-ever-after-ish. But make no mistake, Johns has published more than her fair share of romance novels, twenty books in total in five or so years, with her most exciting moment being when her name was called out as winner of the 2016 Australian Book Industry Awards with another of her Life Lit novels, The Patterson Girls. Now, my all time favourite author is Jane Austen and if Johns writes, as Debbish states, with warmth and humour about issues most of us face in our daily lives, then I’m all keen to read Johns’ backlist, including Book 4 of her Bunyip Bay series – and yes, to those of us who are loyal followers of Outback Dreams, Outback Blaze, Outback Ghost and now, Outback Sisters, that makes four, and I’m guessing an email or three to Johns begging for more may go some way to persuading her to continue the small town series with books five, six and seven (sorry, Rach). Oh, and Johns’ own secret: writing is work, hard work, and sometimes it isn’t the fun the rest of us imagine it to be. Yes, Johns may write in her jarmies, and enjoy the odd Diet Coke, Maltesers and glass of wine (not all together) but she admits to a certain laziness when it comes to re-writing and more re-writing. Unlike some of us, she prefers to get it right the first couple of times. For the real truth about Johns, her books and her upcoming appearances, you can find out more here.

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