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#54 The Writing Life: Just Doing It, with Authorpreneur and Educator, Paul Brodie

Our greatest opponent to our success is ourselves is akin to advice my mother once gave me; feel the fear and do it anyway, what people think be damned. Yeah, she made up the last bit – and I’m guessing she didn’t really mean for me to run away on a yacht for ten years – but it’s advice that is touted more often than followed nowadays.


Just Do It


Paul Brodie, in his latest book, Just Do It; Ten Ways to Increase Making Your Dreams and Goals a Reality, reminds me of my mother’s advice and his ‘Just Do It’ is all the encouragement I need to once more follow my dreams. Only this time I won’t run away on a yacht, Paul…promise! Paul is the President of where he advises clients on branding, marketing, self-improvement and personal development. He runs motivational seminars and is a firm believer in affirmations and a positive mental attitude. He encourages us to be our own champions, takes us out of our comfort zones and reminds us to think about what’s important in life. Oh, okay, I’ll run away in my caravan instead. You can find out more about Paul and his books, coaching and motivational speaking¬†here.




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