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Posts by Melinda Hammond

#153 How To Narrate Your Novel, with Renee Conoulty

You’ve written your novel and now it’s time to narrate it. Renee Conoulty is the author of novels and flash fiction that contain elements of dance, romance, and/or military life in a variety of genre – chick lit, women’s fiction, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, children’s books. She also has a book on how to narrate…

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#152 How To Boost Your Writing Work-Flow using Dragon Dictation, with Scott Baker

Are you ready to ditch your keyboard? Scott Baker is an expert in all things Dragon Dictation. If you want to learn to train your Dragon, Scott’s your man. Scott’s official bio: Scott Baker has written dozens of books under various pen names and spent most of the last decade working as a freelance writer…

#151 What Happens When a Software Developer & a Pair of Writers Get Together? with Lee Powell

Lee Powell is a writer and expert in technology. He works with Angela Ackerman and her co-creator Becca Puglisi at One Stop for Writers. He also created the Windows version of renowned writing program Scrivener. When the team collaborated, they came up with the Character Building Tool, which combines Powell’s software design skills with Ackerman and…