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The Authorpreneur Life: Become More Confident at Selling With Sales Enthusiast and Confidence Coach, Barry Watson

It’s time to redefine our view of selling – and our view of rejection. Why be average when we can be awesome? Barry Watson, author of Sell With Confidence: Crush Your Fear of Being Rejected, Avoid Being Pushy, and Have the Courage to Make Money, is an international sales trainer and high performance coach. The days of the starving artist are long gone and the secret is not only to write good books but to become more confident and successful at selling them – count me in! Having a simple, yet effective, game plan is essential if we want to be successful at selling. Defining our goals, attracting the attention of our customers, starting a conversation, gathering information, tailoring solutions to our customer’s problems, and developing a selling attitude are six of the seven steps. The final step is overcoming our customer’s objections to buying our books. Behind every objection under the sun, is a sale waiting to be won. You can find out more about Barry, his one-on-one sales coaching, speaking and books¬†here.

About the author, Melinda

I'm an authorpreneur, English teacher and podcaster who dreams of a life on the road full of adventures and handsome heroes, whilst making squizillions of dollars in book sales to pay for my chocolate fix. In the real world, I write novels and non-fiction, and offer my expert advice via online courses (as soon as I make them) and writing retreats (as soon as I organise them).

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