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Blog Tour: Amy Andrews, The Trouble With Christmas

Review by Naomi Lewis:

Suzanne St. Michelle is the daughter of well-to-do connected parents from NYC. She replicates famous artwork for a pretty penny, but wonders if there is more to life. She wants to explore her creativity and recalibrate her mojo, so on the advice of her erotic novel-writing friend Winona, Suzanne rents a cottage in rural Credence.

On moving day she encounters Grady, the rancher nephew of the owner of the cottage. Grady is a veteran soldier who has encountered significant losses in his life, and just wants to be left alone. Suzanne and Grady’s first meeting does not bode well for the future, until Suzanne needs Grady to masquerade as her boyfriend, when Suzanne’s parents plan to come to Credence, Colorado for Christmas to rekindle their own relationship. Grady reluctantly agrees to help Suzanne, but his price is high. It’s going to cost her a number of the paintings she has done of him that he is far from appreciating, before she skedaddles back to NYC and makes him a laughingstock.

So Suzanne and the reluctant Grady try to uphold their pretence, and unexpectedly they are a good fit. Both characters want what they haven’t had – Suzanne the traditional Christmas and acceptance of her talents by her mother, and Grady someone to share his life with and a sense of family. Suzanne is infinitely better at recognising what she desires. Grady (apart from the physical) not so much!

This book by Amy Andrews has everything. I like when female characters are go-getters and not depicted as vulnerable-need-to-be-rescued-types and Suzanne is definitely not. She is financially independent, has a career, knows herself and what she wants and needs. She is lippy and opinionated. She and Grady have a lively repartee and there is depth to both characters. There’s the right amount of steam in the right places as well.

A super fun read, but I would not suggest waiting til Christmas to do so, because you will be missing out, if you do. I love the vision this book gave of the most over the top Christmas imaginable.

Thanks so Amy Andrews, Entangled Publishing, and Netgalley for an eARC of this book.

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