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The Business of Entrepreneurship, with Classy Career Girl Founder, Anna Runyan

Are you ready to invest in yourself to achieve your goals? Do you know what your ideal workday looks like? Do you need a step by step process to help you get where you want to go with your life? Anna Runyan, founder of Classy Career Girl, has a Corporate Rescue Plan just for you. In fact, she’s just launched Corporate Rescue Plan 2.0.

Stuck? Anna runs a bootcamp to get you unstuck. She also has a free list of 75 tools to help you launch your new career plan (I saw it on Instagram).

Her keys to success include growing your audience, picking your platform and being consistent. The word ‘focus’ pops up a lot. There’s a 90 day planner (the trick is to focus on the top three things on your list each week), batching time and to focus on revenue producing activities (yep, that word again). Validate your ideas, build a community and create excitement around what you’re doing.

The trick is to serve your market, work to your strengths and consistently produce valuable content.

Named as one of Forbes thirty-five most influential career sites, and read by millions of women every week, the Classy Career Girl website has earned its stripes.

Anna knows more than most about how to achieve your greatest dreams. A former career coach, Anna runs one of the top career podcasts for women, has been named Woman of the Year, and is a speaker at the Global Leadership forum. So when she speaks it’s not a bad idea to listen – and she shares her knowledges with us here at Writer on the Road for nearly an hour.

You can find out more about Anna, her Corporate Rescue Plan and more here.


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