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Finding Balance Within Your Writing Life

Guest Post by Annie Seaton

Being an author in the twenty-first century is a technology-driven experience. Gone are the days of writing books in beautifully formed longhand, or tapping up those wonderful words on an old typewriter. These days you can write a book on your computer, use a program to convert to a format able to be read on e-readers around the world, and then format it for print, create a cover and wham-it arrives by post in a week or two. The good news is that, with these new advances in technology, practically anyone with a computer can become a published writer.

We are in a digital world. Look around you anywhere you go. Eyes are glued to digital devices…on the bus, on the train, on the beach, on the street. As authors we now have a digital platform to showcase and market our work via blogs, websites and social media. The digital world has established a direct link to consumers for emerging authors.

We have access to social media for promoting our books… at our fingertips 24/7. Because every hour of the day, some part of our reading world is awake and on social media waiting for the next fabulous post to appear on our Face book, Twitter or Instagram account, it is very easy to get caught up in the online world…and stay there for way too long each day.

So I guess my point is, these days not only is it possible to use these tools to become successful, but the pressure is on. The pressure is on to use the digital platform, but the pressure is also on the individual to find balance. Not only do we have to find the time to write but we also have to find the time to do everything that is associated with writing and marketing in our digital world…what our digital audience perceives makes a successful author.

How easy — yet how necessary — is it to get on that treadmill and caught up in the online world? There is no doubt if you work hard you can achieve some level of success. It is important to get your name, your books, your new releases out there on social media platforms.

And often. For a new writer the chance of discovery by readers improves immeasurably.
But this comes at what cost? How long can we stay on the digital promotion treadmill? There are only so many hours in a day, and most authors would rather spend them writing anyway.

What can we do to balance our writing life?

1. Have scheduled time off digital devices
2. Have a face to face conversation with a real person
3. Make a list and prioritise your day
4. Have achievable goals every day and feel good when you achieve them
5. Learn how to say no
6. Obey your schedule

**You can find out more about Annie and her books, including her newest release, Come Back to Mehere. Don’t forget to check out Promotional Tips for Authors here.


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