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For The Love Of A Good Romance Novel

Helen Sibbritt is one of those ladies we all love to love. An avid promoter of romance novels, Helen reads for the love of reading and spreads the word about her favourite authors for the same reason. At my request, Helen generously wrote this article for Issue 3 of Author Success Stories Magazine. You can subscribe here. She has also joined me on my podcast for a chat here. Thanks for everything you do, Helen.


Guest Post by Helen Sibbritt, the reader authors love to love….



I confess I am a reading addict and romance is my choice, my passion, romance will leave me feeling uplifted and happy, it takes me away and lets me travel the world without leaving the comfort of my chair, so here is little of how I spend my days and the books I read.

Family has to be sorted and then of course some housework needs to be done and then it is time to pick up my kindle to read.


I read mostly these days on my kindle they are easy to hold and they have a light and a dictionary, as well, I do also love to read paperbacks as well, and I love stories from across all of the romance genres and there was a time that I only read historical. That all changed back in 2009 when The Australian Romance Readers Association held their first convention in Melbourne and I attended and learnt so much. I honestly didn’t realise that there were so many Australian romance authors.


This weekend changed my reading habits and my life in such a good way, ARRA is such a great group and I highly recommend them.

Reading romance particularly has opened up a whole new world for me, I have made many friends, authors and readers and have attended many conferences and conventions, over the years and picked up many recommendations.


I was lucky recently when a few friends and I went to the Georgette Heyer: A Perpetual Delight Conference at Crows Nest in Sydney, where there were some fabulous speakers; Susannah Fullerton, Jennifer Kloester, Amanda Jones, to name a few, and these Ladies know their Georgette Heyer.

Here I learnt about the contemporaries that are no longer available, her mystery books and of course her regency romances. Let me tell you I have only listened to two Georgette Heyer, Sylvester and Cotillion, so I have many more delightful hours of reading to make me smile. Of course finding time will be the big question.

I read and review the books and I average around fifteen books a month, I buy lots for my kindle and I also get them from Netgalley, Publishers and authors and am forever grateful for them thinking of me.


I am a little behind in my reading at the moment, truly there have been so many fabulous books released in the last year, but have a big list and do the best I can to review them in release order, I send a big thank you to all of the authors out there I do appreciate you hard work.


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