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The Miner’s Wife Paperback


The Miner’s Wife Paperback



Glory Reddy is on a downward spiral to insanity. She is a mining wife in a mining town in the middle of nowhere, on a road fallen off the edge of the Nullarbor, where dead men tell no lies.

Glory’s husband, Jackson, has died in a mining accident, a hero’s death so they say, and his secrets have died with him. Only Glory knows the truth, Glory and two other people, Walt and Old Timer, who were with Jackson when he died. And neither man is saying.

Glory’s son, JJ, is home to sort out his father’s affairs. Her daughter, Araluen, works at the Railway Hotel as a skimpy and she is saving for a one-way ticket out of town (so it would appear).

But there are no secrets in mining towns. Dead men on salt-lakes whisper, and rumours grow into truths. Greed talks.

JJ’s friend, Shiner, is greedy; greedy for wealth, greedy for respectability, but most of all he is greedy for his father’s love.

Walt is Shiner’s father. He was also Jackson Reddy’s best mate. Now, he is Glory’s lover. Walt keeps to himself pretty much. Until Old Timer turns up back in town.

And they all must deal with his return. Because Old Timer owns the Rosie O’Grady, worked out gold mine, lying idle on the edge of the salt-lakes. The Rosie O’Grady, the reason Jackson Reddy is dead, and the reason Old Timer is back.

Someone is working the Rosie. Or someones’. Shiner, a miner’s son with ti-tree farms in Port Stephens and a wife with fancy tastes, and Araluen, a young girl with dreams of being a Geologist, but stereotyped by her looks. Together, they work the Rosie, and nobody knows, until Old Timer returns.

Glory and the three men who love her….one is dead, one is silent, and the third is back to collect what he left behind. When Jackson Reddy died down the mine, it wasn’t a hero’s death. He and his mates had been stealing gold. Jackson, Walt and Old Timer, three mates, with greed in their hearts and lust in their eyes, and Glory, the woman who inspires them all.

Then betrays them, one by one.

Until all that is left of the three men’s friendship is hatred and lies and dead men watching over the salt-lakes with tears in their eyes.

But there is a new generation involved now and they have no intention of giving up what is theirs because of the tangled lives of their parents. Shiner and Araluen want the Rosie O’Grady and they intend to take her. And JJ is forced to join them because it is his inheritance they are stealing.

It takes the death of Old Timer to expose the damage of generations, of corruption and greed in a town made famous for its gold. A cache of gold hidden in Walt’s fence posts for years is revealed, the gold good men died for. JJ is freed by the truth of the past and he can leave his hometown forever to pursue his own dreams. Shiner and Araluen claim ownership of the Rosie O’Grady and make their business legal.

And Glory? Mining wife, mother, woman in a town made for men, her dreams are scattered on the salt-lakes amongst dead men’s bones.

Mining towns do that to a woman.



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