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The Voices in Your Head & Bringing the Voices to Life Print Booklets


ISBN: 978-0-9924386-7-8

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Do you have a curiosity to write a novel? The creative life is addictive and the rewards are infinite. To be able to type THE END on something you’ve worked on for months is an achievement you’ll never forget. Welcome to our writing world…


The Voices in Your Head

Are you ready to unleash the voices within? As a creative you have a lot of voices in your head, and they’re all necessary for the creative process. Your job is to keep these voices safe and happy, to offer motivational speeches and lots of love. Just remember – don’t feed the voices after dark.

Bringing the Voices to Life: A Story-Planning Workbook

Welcome to goal charts, word counts, idea generators, character profiles & arcs, plot devices, checklists and more. Your workbook will give you the tools to begin drafting your novel with confidence.


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