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‘She is a little girl sitting under a tree in the backyard. She has a bunch of daisies in her hand. She takes a daisy. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me not again. She does not believe in fairytales and trusting her heart to daisy petals is a stupid thing to do.’


The Miner’s Wife, p138

My Life as a Miner’s Wife – A Story

Living and working in mining towns with my mine manager husband gave me great insight into the romance of outback living. It gave me access to parts of our history and heritage that I was able to write about in my PhD novel, The Miner’s Wife, and accompanying exegesis, The Myth of the Miner in Australian Literature. In the tradition of Catherine Helen Spence, Henry Handel Richardson and Katherine Susannah Pritchard, my story focuses on centering women within a masculine landscape.


Today, telling stories of how we live, and the choices we make, is not relegated to the shadows but firmly embedded in the twenty-first century storied landscape. But we, ourselves, find it difficult to strip away our multiple roles of mother, daughter, wife, and other, in order to foreground the woman inside all of us.


For the longest of times I’ve hesitated in telling my story. It took divorce, destitution and renewal, before I could answer the question of who I am even to myself. And in sharing my experiences with you I hope it helps you tell your story, unfettered from all the you’s that others see in you and define you by.


If I asked you today who you are, what would your answer be?