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How to Build a Community of Loyal Readers

The hard part isn’t reaching everyone – it’s reaching those people that are really going to be passionate about your book.   Mel I’d like to welcome Rachael Johns. Rachael, what do you think about the modern publishing industry, with its mix of indie and traditionally published authors?   Rachael    Readers care about story, and…

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My Year of Living Creatively – 1000 True Fans

  My Year of Living Creatively: Six Month Update… A bit of light reading in Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans gave me hope of my eventual success in making a living from my writing business, but I’m not there yet. Well, I am, sort of…but my definition of success is not entirely based on financials…

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FB Masterclass

Facebook advertising is a hot topic nowadays and the mere mention of it can make some of the less intrepid of us break out in a sweat. Well, things are about to change. I’ve paid for and enrolled in Take 10 Social Media’s FB Masterclass, my version of FB ads for newbies, and I’m keen…

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A newbie’s guide to Draft2Digital

After chatting with D2D’s Marketing Director, Kevin Tumlinson, here I decided to give D2D a try with my own books. My reasons are simple, and they become simpler the more I play on D2D’s site. It’s easy – easy to navigate and easy to work – but I didn’t know that when I started on…

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