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#143 Do You Need An Agent? The Business of Being a Writer, with Haylee Nash

Ever wondered whether you’re better to strike out on your own  with your writing career, pitch directly to publishers or hire an agent? Haylee Nash, of The Nash Agency, outlines the pros and cons of each option, demystifying the publishing cycle in the process. But be warned, after listening to Nash, you’ll be hard pressed…

#137 Writing, Procrastination & Getting Things Done, with Geoff McDonald

In the last 13 years, Geoff McDonald has read 550 books and written sixty plus Book Rapper ebooks, as well as over 1000 blog posts. And now he’s launching two books on the same day, Done and Project Done. McDonald has always been prolific, great with ideas and creativity, but not so strong at execution. It wasn’t until…

Research Matters: Tools for Writing Historical Fiction, with Tea Cooper

A conversation with Australian author, Tea Cooper, where we discuss all things research, from the wonders of Trove to the delights of local folk museums spawning treasures that bring added life to our stories. You can find out more about Tea and her novels here. Share this: