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10 Books to Help You Get Your Novel Written

We all need inspiration to get into the writing habit. The following books are off my shelves and I found myself dragging them out whilst researching for my 30 Days to Better Writing Habits course. You can watch the videos here.  And here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming book, based on what I learned…

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Rules for Living the Creative Life

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel? Have you worked hard fulfilling everyone else’s dreams, only to find yours have been on hold for too long? Do you have the desire to write but aren’t sure how to go about it? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions you may…

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A Writer’s Journal: Living the Creative Life – Wk 1

The image I’ve chosen for this first and auspicious blog post that will chart my creative journey for the next fifty-two weeks is from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre as part of its Dramatic Inspirations collection that ‘inspires us to be both imaginative and inventive in life’. It reminds me that as a writer, inspiration…

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Writing Success Begins With a Single Habit

As we set about making our 2017 New Year’s resolutions I’m reminded by Leo Babuta of Zen Habits that writing is not so much inspiration but daily habit that should be nurtured. You can read Babuta’s latest post where he talks about the past year here (and if you do one thing in 2017, make it signing…

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